Five Reasons Why a Content Management System is Right for Your Website

If you’re like many business owners, you like to have complete control over all of your marketing functions – including your Internet marketing efforts, which obviously includes your website. But, do you know that a content management system can give you greater control over your website than most other website platforms?

It’s true. A content management system allows you to have more precise control – something that most custom-designed systems simply don’t allow. Whether you use WordPress, Joomla or some other CMS, the benefits of using this kind of platform to manage your website are clear.

Here are five reasons why a CMS may be right for your site.

  1. 1.    A CMS will allow you to grow your site organically. A CMS easily allows you to add content when and where it makes sense. So, if you have a new service or product, you can quickly (and easily) add new pages, posts, links, etc to support it. This is especially true for timely web content such as blog posts that your customers may be anticipating.
  2. 2.    Content management systems are easy to use. Yes, there are some technical elements you should know prior to using a CMS, but overall, a CMS is far easier to use and doesn’t require you to learn HTML in order to conduct your Internet marketing. They are often a far better choice than a custom system, which may leave you relying on your designer/developer for any changes/additions you wish to make to your site.Orlando Web Design
  3. 3.    Most content management systems are very SEO friendly. WordPress, one of the most popular and easy-to-use content management systems, is touted as one of the most SEO-friendly around. And if WordPress doesn’t perform something SEO-related on it’s own, there are hundreds of plugins that can get you the results you’re after.
  4. 4.    Designing the look and feel of a CMS can be easy. With, literally, hundreds of thousands of CMS templates available for download, having your website up and running can be fast and easy – allowing you to get your company online faster – and more affordably. Of course, you can always have someone custom-design the look of your CMS-based site but you’ll still control when and where the content goes on your site.

Chances are, some of your favorite sites are based on the WordPress or Joomla platforms, and while the five reasons we gave you today are a good start, there are plenty more reasons why a CMS-based site should be a possibility for you.

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