Orlando SEO to Boost Online Marketing, Web Traffic and Sales

Local SEO is a phrase that’s becoming more common when it comes to having a broad range of marketing to support your business. However, many business owners still aren’t clear on the difference between local SEO and SEO in general – and how one (or both) SEO tactics can help increase their web traffic and overall profits.

If your business gets some, or even all, of its customers from your local area, you simply must consider local search engine optimization as part of your overall marketing mix. That means if you’re a service provider like a doctor, lawyer, restaurant, etc, then you should be doing local SEO that targets your business + location.

So, if you are dentist in Orlando, FL, your business should (if you’re doing local SEO correctly) rank well when people search for “Dentist in Orlando, FL.” Obviously, some terms are more competitive in larger geographic areas, but overall, the idea is to rank well in Google when people search for your business and location.

While the mechanics of implementing a local SEO campaign may seem intricate and technical, we try to boil them down to the following;

–       Create/claim a local profile on Google

–       Use citations appropriately wherever you can

–       Promote the use of reviews on your Google page

With a few exceptions, these are the hallmarks of a solid local SEO campaign. Keep in mind, that every business is different and each one may have special needs based on what that company does, with whom it competed and where it is located.

Depending on your budget, there are plenty of other SEO strategies and tactics you cam implement, but as with most online marketing, it’s best to consult with a business that has a successful history with making local SEO work for it s clients.

At ClickIt Marketing Solutions, we’ve been helping companies with their Orlando SEO for a number of years. Our deep experience here in Florida has made it easy to help companies outside of Florida succeed with the help of local SEO.

Thinking about local SEO for your business? Contact us today for a free consultation and evaluation of your current local SEO.

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