SEO- Buyer Beware

Here at ClickIt Marketing Solutions, we pride ourselves on working diligently and efficiently to provide our clients with excellent and strategically smart Search Engine Optimization for their businesses. We never make dishonest claims or give our clients false hope about what our company can do for their online business exposure.seo orlando

However, we know there are many SEO companies out there that will do anything to make a buck. It can be hard for business owners to decipher which companies are making true and accurate promises and which ones are out to take their money and do nothing to increase their business’s SEO. To help you figure out which companies simply aren’t valid, we’ve come up with a few phrases you might hear from those scamming SEO companies.

1)     ‘We Know The Entire Google Algorithm!’

Even the workers at Google themselves don’t know the Google Algorithm. It’s a highly complex formula that is constantly changing. Sure, there are certain parts of the algorithm that are known and there are online articles explaining these parts. Any good SEO company will know the obvious parts to the formula – but it’s literally impossible for anyone to know the entire Google algorithm. Any company that claims this is blatantly lying to its clients.

Here at ClickIt Marketing Solutions, we stay as educated about the Google Algorithm as possible. We keep up with the changes made to the formula and how they’ll affect our clients’ online presence. However, we would never claim that we know the entire algorithm because it’s simply not true.

2)     ‘We Guarantee You’ll Be on the First Page!’

This is a typical false promise you’ll hear from a scamming SEO company. There are tons of keywords that have millions of pages in flooded content, making it virtually impossible for a company to promise a first page ranking for any keyword the business chooses.

There are two ways these scamming SEO companies might feel justified in offering a first page ranking. The first is a flat-out bait and switch. These companies are just looking for clients to sign a contract and pay them, but they have no intention on delivering on this promise of a first page ranking.

Other companies may struggle to keep their promise but in their desperation will use black hat techniques. These techniques may include cloaking hidden keywords into a company’s website or other strategies that are banned by search engines. These techniques may work in getting a company onto the first page for a few days, but search engines are smart and once they figure out the scam, the company’s website will be flagged as illegal and will be excluded completely from search results.

Either way, a promise that you’ll be on the first page without preliminary research into your business is never a good sign. At Click It Marketing Solution, we’re always striving to get our clients on the first page of Google, however, we do it the right away to sustain the ranking. We also never make promises to clients that we can’t keep due to the unpredictability of search engines.

3)     ‘We Know the Secret SEO Formula!’

We hate to bust your bubble, but there simply isn’t a secret formula to SEO. It takes constant research, hard work, and experimentation to keep our clients high in search engine rankings and easily searchable on the Internet. If an SEO company claims they’ve found the secret formula, chances are they’ll set your website and forget it. Leaving a website stagnant will make it slowly sink down in search engine rankings until it’s not gaining any online exposure at all.

At Click It Marketing Solutions, we know there’s no secret formula. We use trial and error, blood, sweat, tears, and hard work to offer our clients the best search engine optimization possible.

4)     ‘We’ll Submit Your Website to Thousands of Search Engines!’

To an unsuspecting business owner looking for online exposure, this phrase sounds great. Submitting your company’s website to thousands of search engines would only gain it more exposure and increase its ranking, right? Wrong. This may sound like hard work for an SEO company and a great service for its clients, but it’s really rather easy to submit sites to search engines, and most don’t get the great results they’re expecting.

The main search engines used are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Most people only consult one or two of these search engines when searching online. Most of the other submissions are search engines you (and everyone else) have never even heard of or used. So, there’s really no point in all that ‘work’ the SEO company is performing.

At ClickIt Marketing Solutions, we spend our time focusing on lifting our clients’ websites up in the search engine rankings, not submitting their sites to tons of engines no one is using. When it comes to submissions to search engines, it’s about quality, not quantity, and we focus on getting our clients superior backlinks to validate their website.

We hope this article has helped you to understand the hidden agenda behind scamming SEO companies. Anyone can claim to be an SEO expert, so as a consumer, it’s important to watch out for any red flags that a company may not be qualified to do the job. There are plenty of hard-working and valid SEO companies out there, but listen for any one of these catch phrases while searching so you can weed out the scammers who will only hurt your website rankings.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help grow your business’s online presence through SEO, give ClickIt Marketing Solutions a call today!

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