Orlando Social Media Marketing

Reach Millions with Specialized Orlando Social Media Marketing Strategies

Here at ClickIt Marketing Solutions we create Orlando social media marketing  strategies that have the potential viral reach of millions. We know how to create interest in your Facebook and Twitter pages and how to promote you so that others share your details with their friends. This modern way of networking is not to be underestimated as every new follower or fan can be converted to customers and cash for you.

Spread Your Wings and Tweet

Twitter is one of the most popular websites for social media marketing Orlando, even celebrities understand the power their followers have, as they their business brains to create new fans and promote their latest movie or music. We tap into the twitter resources, combining it with your page and make sure your messages are heard. Many businesses assume that any content is good content, however we know that typical tweets can often be treated as spam, that’s why we delve deep into your business to find new that draws your followers in, bringing their friends and family to visit your website too.

Face the Facts with Facebook

Your Facebook page is an important part of your business as it generates followers and fans that can potentially become regular loyal customers. Not only do we increase your online presence we ensure that your fans share the word, making your details appear on millions of profiles across the site. Our approach to analytics ensures that we always assess our strategy, using Facebook statistics we can determine what works and what doesn’t. We then focus on the tactics that bring visitors to your site, before drawing them in to pick up the phone or make that important purchase.

Not Just Birds and Books

Although Facebook and Twitter are the most renowned social media marketing sites in Orlando, we also make your presence heard across a wide variety of platforms. Creating profiles on new and established networks we gain access to every possible potential customer through the power of Social Media. Using Google+, YouTube, PinIntrest and many more, we ensure you’re always there when your audience logs on.

Contact us to see how we use our social media strategies to engage your customers whilst creating new ones!