Three Reasons Why Google+ Needs to be in Your Social Media Portfolio

Google+ doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. In fact, Google has been tweaking and expanding their social media platform and appears ready to continue the trend well into 2013. This alone should send a message that your business needs to be on Google+, but there are still stragglers who think just because Google+ is not Facebook, they simply don’t need it.Google+

We’re not suggesting that you use Google+ as your primary social platform – not at all, but we are suggesting you, at the very least, secure your brand. If you need some solid reasons, here are three:

  1. It’s Google…so…you should do it. Ok, it may seem like a cop-out, but when you have THE search engine leader offering up a free profile on it’s social network, it’s better safe than “missing out.” Even if a profile on Google+ and links back to your site held zero value, it would still be a god idea to create a presence there.
  2. Google indexes Google+ pages. This is a good indication that Google+ pages carry weight when it comes to SEO. It’s also a good hint that you should be using your Google+ profile as part of your diversified linking strategy.
  3. Google+ looks good in your overall social portfolio. You’re probably on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and a few others – it seems odd that people are actually leaving Google+ out of their portfolio. Our guess is that Google+ doesn’t get the attention it deserves because it’s simply not Fcebook. Regardless, Google+ has value and it should be part of your overall social efforts.

With nearly 70,000,000 unique monthly visitors, Google+ gets about 10% of the traffic numbers Facebook pulls in. Regardless, the Google+ audience is growing every month and while it may not earn top spot on the list of social networks, it certainly deserves a spot in your social media portfolio.

And, while starting a Google+ account for your business or brand may seem like a no-brainer, easy thing to do, there are some very important steps that need to be taken to set up your account properly in order to have maximum impact.

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Update: In case you needed another reason to make sure Google+ is part of your social media arsenal, we’ve got one: Google+ is now the #2 social network, after Facebook. That’s right, the Google social platform now outranks Twitter (and YouTube). And this data isn’t based on ‘total’ users, either – it’s based on verified ACTIVE users – which makes the data much more valuable.

Still on the fence about Google+? This should fix that.

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